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  • David Hajdu

AI First Workshop Was Mind-Blowing

Updated: Apr 6

Navigating the expansive domain of Artificial Intelligence can sometimes feel like charting an intricate map of the future. The recent AI workshop, held on March 21st and 22nd was graciously hosted by EO Vietnam.

It served as a guiding star for it’s 70 attendees in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. In 4.5 hours we blew through the fundamentals and used Chat GPT to created a new business concept. I’ve never seen so many mind-blown faces in one room! Our fearless leader, Raj Goodman Anand walked us through the latest tools and methodologies that are shaping our digital landscape. Together, we delved into a variety of AI applications, from web development to data analysis, and conversational AI.

Here is a more refined exploration of the key takeaways from this enlightening event.

Empowering Web and Content Creation with AI

In the realm of digital creation, AI tools have emerged as powerful allies. Platforms like and are revolutionizing web development, enabling creators to build sophisticated websites with unprecedented ease. Similarly, offers an innovative solution for content creators, transforming lengthy videos into concise, engaging formats at the click of a button. These tools exemplify how AI is becoming an indispensable asset for efficient and creative digital development.

Advancing Business Intelligence through AI-Driven Monitoring

A standout tool,, was highlighted as a favorite for its ability to automate the monitoring and analysis of competitor websites. This application extends beyond simple observation, enabling businesses to convert websites into APIs for a variety of purposes, including price monitoring, lead generation, and sentiment analysis. Such tools are pivotal for companies looking to gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of AI for strategic intelligence.

Enhancing Communication and Analysis with Conversational AI

The workshop also shed light on the transformative potential of conversational AI platforms, such as and Chat GPT. These platforms are redefining the way we interact with information, capable of summarizing extensive documents and engaging in meaningful dialogues on complex topics. The capacity of these tools to process and generate nuanced responses underscores the evolving role of AI in enhancing our communication and analytical capabilities.

AI First Mindset. A Call to Action for the Future of AI

The exploration of AI at the EO Vietnam-hosted workshop underscores the technology's pivotal role in driving innovation and efficiency across various domains. As we stand on the brink of a new digital era, the potential for AI to transform our professional and personal lives is boundless.

If you are intrigued by the prospects of harnessing AI to elevate your business, or if the idea of hosting your own AI workshop sparks your interest, I invite you to reach out. For those looking to integrate exceptional talent into their teams, our network is poised to connect you with superhuman professionals adept in navigating the AI landscape.

Embark on your AI journey with us. Explore the possibilities, and let's shape the future together. Contact me to discuss how we can tailor an AI workshop to your needs or to discover how our network can augment your team's capabilities.

EO Vietnam is committed to fostering innovation and leadership in the business community. Learn more about our initiatives and how you can be a part of this transformative journey at

Goodman Lantern is revolutionizing content marketing. You can learn how their approach by Humans, for Humans, is benefiting businesses from around the world at and follow Raj on Linked IN.

Your journey into AI innovation starts here. Reach out, and let’s create something extraordinary together. +1 206 395 8872 or

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