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Success Stories from Real Intelligence Workshop Empowering Marketing Teams

Updated: Jul 1

Initial Challenges and Gaps in AI Knowledge

Before attending the Real Intelligence Workshop, the marketing teams from RH1, Rockhill Asia, and Ni Hao Ma Mandarin Learning Lab faced several challenges in integrating AI technologies into their marketing strategies. A survey conducted prior to the workshop revealed the following:

  • Familiarity with AI: Most participants rated their familiarity with AI technologies as low, with an average rating of 2.4 out of 5.

  • Current AI Usage: While 70% of attendees were currently using AI tools, primarily for content creation and social media analysis, 90% of participants noted that lack of knowledge was holding them back.

  • Training and Education: None of the participants had received formal training on AI applications in marketing.

  • Perceived Benefits: The top perceived benefits of AI included increased efficiency (90%), cost savings (60%), and better targeting and personalization (50%).

  • Challenges: Major concerns included a lack of understanding or knowledge (90%), data privacy concerns (50%), and poor quality of AI-generated content (40%).

Empowering Teams with AI Skills

The Real Intelligence Workshop was designed to address these challenges and empower marketing teams with practical AI skills. The workshop included interactive sessions, hands-on exercises, and expert-led discussions, covering topics such as:

  • Developing Effective Prompts: Teams learned to craft perfect prompts to turn interactions into seamless conversations, improving content creation and engagement.

  • Automation for Task Creation: Participants explored AI solutions for automating routine tasks, such as meeting notes and social media post creation for multiple channels.

  • Increasing AI Adoption: Strategies for enhancing AI adoption within organizations were discussed, including ongoing prompt engineering sharing amongst team members, monthly training, and expert support for building automation.

Feedback from the workshop was overwhelmingly positive:

  • Net Promoter Score: The workshop received a Net Promoter Score of 50, indicating a high likelihood of recommendations.

  • Learning Outcomes: All participants (100%) reported learning something applicable to their work.

  • Commitment to AI: The average commitment to learning more about AI and its applications in marketing was 4.1 out of 5.

Real Intelligence Workshop empowering marketing teams

We look forward to sharing more detailed outcomes and success stories in future updates as these teams continue to implement and benefit from AI technologies. The foundation laid by the Real Intelligence Workshop will undoubtedly contribute to their ongoing success.

Real Intelligence Workshop empowering marketing teams

Reflecting on AI Success and Future Directions

The Real Intelligence Workshop successfully equipped marketing teams from RH1, Rockhill Asia, and Ni Hao Ma Mandarin Learning Lab with the skills and confidence to being their AI Journey with tangible items they can immediately apply to their work. These success stories highlight the potential of AI to revolutionize marketing efforts, driving efficiency, personalization, and overall effectiveness. As these teams continue to grow and innovate, the foundation laid by the Real Intelligence Workshop will undoubtedly contribute to their ongoing success.

Are you ready to transform your marketing team from AI novices to pros? Book a Real Intelligence Workshop at your company for just $1,000 and empower your team with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the AI-driven marketing landscape.

For more information about the Real Intelligence Workshop and to register for our upcoming sessions, please sign up here or contact us on WhatsApp at +84 90 9958581.

Real Intelligence Workshop empowering marketing teams

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