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CEO Secrets: Travel Well My Friends

Updated: May 31

Perfectly planned travel dramatically reduces the stress in my life. In the startup world, there is already more than enough! I took on the role of Area Director for the Entrepreneur’s Organization’s SE Asia Region, which grants me the privilege of traveling to interesting places like Malacca and Cagayan de Oro. The only problem is, neither my EA, Tien, nor I have ever been!

So, if you have an assistant and you want her to be able to efficiently plan your travel so you can maximize the time spent on any business trip, here’s how.

Meet Tien: Spearheading AI-Driven Efficiency

Job title: Virtual Executive Assistant at Talent Edge

Challenge: Managing travel for her boss with a complex and ever-changing schedule.

Solution: Using AI tools like ChatGPT, Tien navigates these complexities with ease, creating beautiful travel itineraries. Here’s how she does it:

  1. Tien asks ChatGPT to help create prompts tailored to her needs.

  2. She selects the appropriate prompt framework and enters it into ChatGPT for specific results.

  3. Finally, she uses these prompts to build out detailed travel itineraries.

Let’s Dive in. 🤿

Using ChatGPT for Prompt Generation

Tien is my assistant. She does a great job with many things, but she doesn’t have any formal training. I looked into bringing an official AI trainer to the company, but it was a bit pricey. Luckily, she has one of the best trainers in the world at her fingertips: ChatGPT.

PRO TIP: Follow the title of this section! Before my team writes any prompts, they first ask their AI assistant for help on the best framework to use.

💡 Prompt: Could you help me develop five structured prompt templates to effectively communicate with my AI assistant. The purpose will be to complete the task of booking travel arrangements for my boss. For each framework, please include the prompt followed by a practical example.

  1. Request Framework: "Could you please [specific action]? I need [specific details]." Example: "Could you please book a round-trip ticket from New York to London departing on May 15th and returning on May 22nd? Preferably, morning flights."

  2. Option Comparison Framework: "Can you find me options for [task]? Please compare [factor 1], [factor 2], and [factor 3]." Example: "Can you find me hotel options in Tokyo? Please compare price, proximity to downtown, and availability of free Wi-Fi."

  3. Confirmation Framework: "Before you proceed, can you confirm that [detail]? Also, ensure [additional requirement]." Example: "Before you book the hotel, can you confirm it has a gym and a parking lot? Also, ensure the room is non-smoking."

  4. Follow-up Framework: "Can you update me on the status of [task]? Also, let me know if [additional information needed]." Example: "Can you update me on the visa processing for my India trip? Also, let me know if additional documents are required."

  5. Problem-solving Framework: "There's been a change in my schedule. Could you [resolve issue]? Please make sure [specific preferences]." Example: "There's been a change in my schedule. Could you reschedule my flight from Berlin to Paris to a day earlier? Please make sure it's a direct flight and after 3 PM."

AI-Powered Travel Planning Unleashed!

Initial Planning: Tien begins by collecting essential trip details such as destinations, dates, preferences, and objectives.

💡 Prompt: “My boss is attending the EO Malaysia Strategy Summit on May 14th in Malacca. Departing from Ho Chi Minh, I need to arrange his travel. Can you provide guidance on what I should prepare?”

💡 Prompt: “I'm reaching out to the Malaysia Chapter Manager to finalize travel arrangements. We need to confirm hotel bookings, dress code, and establish a communication channel. Additionally, I need to schedule 1-1 meetings with the president and arrange pre-summit discussions.”

Flight and Accommodation: Tien utilizes online resources to find optimal flights and accommodations, ensuring availability aligns with boss's schedule.

💡 Prompt: “Please provide detailed flight options from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Kuala Lumpur on May 13th, including departure times, airlines, durations, and prices.”

💡 Prompt: “I’m unable to locate Marriott Hotels' email for member discount inquiries. Can you assist with finding it?”

Local Transport and Event Coordination: She organizes airport transfers and local transportation using reputable service providers.

💡 Prompt: “Can you provide details on bus options from Kuala Lumpur to Baba House, Malacca, on May 14th, including durations and prices.”

💡 Prompts: “My boss will travel from Baba House to Johor on May 15th at 12 PM. Can you recommend a reliable car service with website details?”

Itinerary Creation: Tien compiles a comprehensive itinerary encompassing all bookings, meetings, and transportation schedules.

💡 Prompt: “Can you help me create a detailed itinerary for his stay, including transportation options between meeting locations.”

💡 Prompts: “Please help organize his trip with the following details:

Departure from HCM City on May 13th:

  • Flight details: [Details]

  • Accommodation in Kuala Lumpur: [Details]

May 14th: EO Summit in Melaka

  • Transportation with EO Group to Melaka

  • Accommodation: Baba House

May 15th: Travel to Johor

  • Transportation details

May 16th: Flight from Singapore to HCM City

  • Flight details: [Details]"

Human Touch

To complete my travel plans, Tien still needs to apply her own flavor of human skills and intuition. Her personal touch is critical because she understands my preferences and priorities, which are difficult for AI to fully grasp. She interprets the nuanced information that AI provides and makes judgment calls when schedules conflict or unexpected changes arise.

Tien’s ability to maintain and build relationships with travel agents and other service providers ensures that I receive personalized attention and care. Furthermore, Tien’s empathy and ability to anticipate my needs add immeasurable value, making each travel experience smooth and tailored.

While AI helps streamline the process and saves Tien time, which ultimately saves the business money, it is Tien’s human insight and attention to detail that transform these plans into successful journeys.

Voila, here’s the itinerary!

This is the final itinerary that Tien created using the insights gained from her interactions with ChatGPT. Include details such as travel dates, flight information, hotel accommodations, meeting schedules, and any other relevant arrangements.

AI-generated detailed itinerary for Tien's business trip planning to Malaysia

Experience AI Empowerment with Talent Edge

By integrating AI into her travel planning, Tien has significantly increased efficiency and effectiveness, allowing her to focus on more strategic tasks. Imagine how many stress-free business trips you could enjoy if your assistant was this efficient.

Ready to unlock the power of AI tools for your virtual executive assistant? Drop me a message on WhatsApp anytime at +84 90 9958581, and let’s explore how our AI-empowered talent can elevate your business efficiency.

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