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How a Virtual Assistant + AI Can Outperform Your Sales Development Reps!

Updated: May 31

Generating leads is really freaking hard. I’ve seen some creative approaches to cold outreach, but this one is all about warming up that cold lead!

Most people would think you need a highly paid business development rep specializing in outbound to generate leads. But a clever assistant equipped with ChatGPT might actually be better.

Join Tien as she adds a new specialty to her Virtual Assistant role: lead generation. Rather than send her to school to become a Sales Development Rep and train her on outreach techniques, we instead did a one-hour session writing prompts for Perplexity.

As you know, the best leads are the ones where we have an introduction from a colleague or client. How many connections out there exist that you don’t even know about? Your Alma Mater? Where you raised money? Where you worked in the past?

Here are a few tips and tricks you can apply with your Virtual Assistant to uncover your untapped network.

Spotlight on Tien:

  • Job Title: Virtual Executive Assistant at Talent Edge

  • Challenge: Tien is tasked with generating leads for me, requiring a delicate balance of identifying potential clients and creating personalized outreach strategies, but, she has no training, and I have no intention of sending her.

  • Solution: 💡 With AI tools like ChatGPT and Perplexity, Tien streamlines the lead generation process. Here’s how she does it:

  1. She uses ChatGPT to create customized prompts for lead research.

  2. She leverages Perplexity to gather detailed information on potential clients.

  3. She uses the insights gained to craft personalized outreach messages.

Jump Right In! 🚀

Crafting Prompts with ChatGPT

Tien uses ChatGPT to develop tailored prompt frameworks that cater to her lead generation needs. These frameworks streamline her interactions with AI tools, yielding time-saving benefits and enhanced results.

💡 Prompt: Can you help me create structured prompt templates to efficiently communicate with my AI assistant for lead generation?

Finding Connections Between Entrepreneurs Framework

1. Direct Connections:

  • Can you find a connection between [Entrepreneur 1] of [Company 1] and [Entrepreneur 2] of [Company 2]? Both are entrepreneurs in [Place]. What organizations are they a part of? What venture capital firms have they raised money from?

  • Does [Entrepreneur 2]'s company have a similar industry to [Industry 1], [Industry 2], [Industry 3], [Industry 4]?

2. Indirect Connections:

  • Are there any indirect connections between them through mutual associations?

Crafting Introduction Emails Framework

Can you craft an email for introducing my boss to [Entrepreneur 1] and exploring a potential collaboration opportunity? The email should include:

1. Leveraging Connections:

Mention the connection with [Relevant Connection] to establish credibility.

2. Highlighting Common Interests:

Emphasize mutual interests and potential collaboration areas.

3. Company and Mission:

Briefly describe Talent Edge's mission, and its global work.

4. Proposing a Meeting or Further Discussion:

Suggest a meeting or further discussion to explore the collaboration opportunity.

Lead Generation Revolutionized!

Step 1: Identify Entrepreneurs and Their Connections

Prompt: “Can you find a connection between [Entrepreneur A] of [Company A] and [Entrepreneur B] of [Company B]? Both are entrepreneurs in Seattle. What organizations are they a part of? What venture capital firms have they raised money from?”

Step 2: Compare Industries

Prompt: “Does [Entrepreneur B]'s company have a similar industry to Healthcare, Well-being, HR Tech, Venture Capital?”

Step 3: Identify Indirect Connections

Prompt: “Are there any indirect connections between [Entrepreneur A] and [Entrepreneur B] through mutual associations?”

Step 4: Craft the Introduction Email

Prompt: “Can you craft an email for introducing my boss and exploring a potential collaboration opportunity? The email should include leveraging connections with [Mutual Connection], highlighting mutual interests in leveraging AI for business success, describing Talent Edge's mission and global work, and proposing a meeting or further discussion.”

Adding the Human Touch

By interpreting AI insights and making informed decisions, Tien transforms the lead generation process into a strategic advantage. This blend of AI efficiency and Tien’s human expertise forms a dynamic and effective approach to expanding my network!

Here you go, her high-quality lead generation email is ready

By using ChatGPT and Perplexity, Tien efficiently generates leads and creates compelling outreach messages, significantly enhancing her lead generation process. The result is a well-organized pipeline of potential clients, ready for her boss to engage with.

A high-quality lead generation email created using AI tools, showcasing personalized and compelling outreach

Unlock AI-Empowered Talent with Talent Edge

Want to hire a remote virtual assistant to elevate your business efficiency! Contact me on WhatsApp at +84 90 9958581 for 💬 a free consultation on how our AI-powered talent can help.

Discover how Tien maximizes travel efficiency with AI tools in our previous post here.

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