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Established in Seattle, WA, Talent Edge has been empowering companies of all sizes since 2006 by leveraging Vietnam's rich talent pool to maintain a competitive edge.


Seattle is an amazing city that is home to 100's of startups as well as 2 of the largest companies in the world, Microsoft and Boeing. While there is exceptional talent, it just isn't enough to meet the demand of a booming market.

In 2006 we decided we needed a Global Talent strategy for our business and it turns out 100s of other companies did too.  

In 2012, we decided to build our own SAAS product, TINYpulse. With our product and engineering teams exclusively in Vietnam, we were able to raise $9.5 million lead by Baseline Venture capital. TINYpulse ultimately exited to Web MD.  

Being in Vietnam allowed us to scale effectively with a group of amazingly talented individuals, something we would have struggled with in Seattle. 

At Talent Edge we get great satisfaction from finding talented employees for awesome companies. 

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